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Many religious movements that exist today are proof, that the desire to seek and find God lays in the heart of every human being. Denial of God’s existence is an artificial graft. The validity of this position is easy to prove: every repenting atheist, who has found again an inner relationship with God, asserts that denial of God’s existence was the result of external factors, while in the depths of their consciousness, there never ceased to live an awareness of God’s existence.

Recognition of God and His existence requires one to change their entire life and live according to God’s laws. This truth brings a person, who wants to live an egocentric life, to the need to choose one direction or another.

God and sinful life are incompatible!

Specifically in this reason lies the poisonous source of atheism: a choice between God or the world, and a person chooses the world.

…whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God…” (James 4:4)*

A person who decides to exclude God from his life loses an inner spiritual connection with God and becomes God’s enemy.

A person excludes himself from remembering his Divine Creator. This internal negative attitude towards God explains hatred and persecution of those seeking the establishment of God’s truth and Christ’s life of self-denial.

Faith is a natural desire for a person to find his Creator and enter into live communication with Him.

Killing faith by intellectual thoughts and reasoning means fundamentalling killing all spiritual life!

Trials in life, disasters, illnesses and death altogether reveal spiritual bankruptcy, instability and despair of souls who have killed faith inside of themselves.

Faith is the vital current that connects the lantern of the human being with its Source of life and light.

A person who experiences live communication with God does not fear anything and death itself is a long-lasting and awaited transition into eternal life. Religious movements are nothing more than the search of the establishment of God’s truth. In every religious movement there is an element of reformation, i.e. seeking spiritual liberation from what is human in order to find what is Divine.

Tragic is the phenomenon that each reforming movement has its own hidden deadly leaven of religious atheism. This religious atheism, unlike the ordinary intellectual atheism, proclaims Jesus Christ’s ideals, which are buried in the crypt of beautifully stated words and actions.

Religious atheism contains a poison, which has led all of humanity into doubt and misconception.

Intellectual atheism does not bring the same spiritual danger as religious atheism because intellectual atheism openly denies the existance of God.

On the outside, religious atheism does not deny God and religious life; on the inside, it denies the true Living God, denies the possibility of true communication of the human soul with God, denies the possibility of God‘s answers, revelations and does not allow any miracles and healing by the power of Jesus Christ.

Religious atheism is a sad result of spiritual weakness and faithlessness; a result of the lack of guidance of the Holy Spirit in its’ representatives. (Acts 1, 4:5)

Dead God, dead faith, dead communication, beautifully stated words and ceremonies but no spiritual life within – these are the tragic consequences of religious atheism.

Religious atheism is the source of every pharisaism and hypocrisy as the actual practical life of these believers does not correspond with their proclaimed mottos and ideals. This is the most convenient platform for religious exploitation. The deadening leaven of religious atheism explains the spiritual decay and death of all religious reform movements.

Religious atheism is the ingenious invention of satan for the destruction of God’s plan – the salvation of mankind.

What religious movement is “Unity in Christ” and what is the element of its spiritual reform?

What is the spiritual difference of this organization from the various religious movements of our time?

People are confused by a multitude of religious trends and ask the question: “If there is one God, then there is one faith” (Ephesians 4:5); why are there so many religious groups who have different views on one topic or the other, when there is only one foundation in the Word of God?

The answer is very simple: when in the essence of religious movements lies the expression and transmission of personal understanding and opinion- there will be many different points of view.

As soon as one comes back to the true Living God, to live communication with Jesus, to the ideals of the first apostolic church, to the single true and living faith in Jesus Christ, the disagreements disappear and all those who sincerely seek God merge into one flock of Christ. (John 10:16)

The presence of purely human, personal elements in spiritual matters destroys spiritual unity. All spiritual questions must be solved exclusively in a spiritual way.

The essence and purpose of the spiritual movement of “Unity in Christ” consists of this: no matter what nationality, belief, estate and class one belongs to, to lead souls to personal, live unity with their Savior.

The ideal of members of this union is the achievement of genuine spiritual life in Jesus Christ: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me…” (Galatians 2, 20). The purpose of Unity in Christ is to open the true inner path to the attainment of the complete communion in Christ to the Divine Essence: “…as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us…” (John 17:21-23, 2 Peter 1:4)

Without looking at the details of the human understanding of individual churches and communities, “Unity in Christ” rises over personal human convictions and teachings and ascertains the Divine truth solely based on the Word of God.

“Unity in Christ” does not offend the individual religious perception of a person, granting freedom of religious belief to its members.

The element of spiritual reformation of this purely spiritual movement is that “Unity in Christ” proclaims the Living God, a live communication with Him and a genuine inner spiritual life in Christ – in protest against internal religious atheism, which kills spiritual life in people. Religious atheism separates the soul from God; “Unity in Christ” seeks spiritual unity of the soul with its Divine Source of resurrection and happiness!

Following this pure spiritual path, in constant communication with the Living Christ, one can save souls from immorality, from despair and suicide!

Religious atheism, attracting souls through tempting words and decorative ceremonies, internally pours into the hearts of people the cold, deadly stream of its’ personal teachings, instead of the true living water that flows into eternal life, which Christ himself gives us through His Word. (John 4:14)

Religious atheism submerges its members into the world, thus separating them from the Living Christ, deprives them of live communication with the Lord and leads people to empty philosophical nirvana, to spiritual stupor and indifference, to hopelessness and despair.

Religious atheism is a deadly stream that flows through all religious organizations today, taking with it gullible souls to eternal doom.

Religious atheism has power in all organizations in which the spirit of this world is mingled with the Spirit of Christ (2 Corinthians 6, 14-16), where even the cult of the physical body is placed on one platform with the preaching of Christ.

“Unity in Christ” is a solid foundation for all that are weak, hurting and suffering, for those who have lost ground under their feet, for those who have lost their way while seeking the truth, for those seeking support and a way out of a dead end.

“Unity in Christ” opens its heart to all the unfortunate, sick and sorrowful.

“Unity in Christ” seeks to open and reestablish by the power of the Living Christ the forgotten and lost inner union of the soul with God, which is the essence and purpose of living Christianity.

On the wide, comfortable human paths to salvation, souls have lost the meaning and essence of Christianity. While joining various religious organizations, people still do not experience spiritual life in the presence of God, they do not know the way to unity with the Living Christ.

The only spiritual desire and goal of the church of Christ was spiritual upbringing of souls as it was during the times of the first apostolic church.

“Unity in Christ” is placing an objective before itself: to restore by the power of Christ this spiritual ideal.

“Unity in Christ” is calling all sincere, thirsty for spiritual life, to embark on the path of living Christianity and merge into one spiritual union under the banner of “Unity in Christ”.

s. Natalia Smirnova

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